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The Creation of Madam Universe 

My name is Dawn, the owner and creator of Madam Universe LLC.  I always thought that natural products are better for society.  That natural items cure people and prevent sickness. I believe a lot of the problems we have in modern society is because of the chemicals, GMO, and adaptations we are experiencing with nature. 

 I wanted to keep myself as natural as possible, I believe this would prevent sickness and show appreciate to life.  However, I did not want to stop my at home beauty care.  This lead me to think about using all-natural products. 

Madam Universe ingredients are all-natural and organic.  The company has a combination of handmade and imported products.  With our handmade products we source majority of our ingredients from a local retailer in Ohio.  The imported items we do sell are obtained from certified vendors across the globe.

 Madam Universe natural beauty products was created to enhance our beauty and become conscience of the world.  Natural ingredients have been used for centuries; we are now entering a time of technology and modification.  Sometimes it is better to K.I.S.S (Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.) from the wise words of Michael Scott .   

Welcome to Madam Universe, we are naturally out of this world!

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